Lolly Ink Set Designer

I’m finally remodeling my house, and my wife hired Miss Lolly Ink to redesign our master bedroom. She’s hot as fuck, and when she called me over to check out her work, I was blown away. The room looked great and Lolly looked great. I guess she liked my style because she got on her knees and I couldn’t say no. She unbuttoned my pants and gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life! Those blue eyes and those huge titties drove me nuts until I couldn’t control it anymore and I busted a fat load on her.

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My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Preston catches his dad’s girl, Lolly Ink, trying to steal his dad’s cash. Lolly is tired of her boyfriend cheating on her, so she decides the best payback is to take the money and leave. Preston won’t have that though, so Lolly cuts a deal with him. She will fuck Preston in exchange for his silence. No big deal, Preston’s dad has a lot more money where that came from.

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Jacking The Jacker

With her marriage on the rocks thanks to her loser husband, Lolly Ink was in serious need of a real man’s company. Lolly found her chance to get some relief one day when she and her husband pulled into the garage only to discover a burglar had broken in. Lolly eagerly followed every one of Johnny’s orders, unzipping his pants and grabbing his rock-hard dick. With her husband watching, Lolly gave Johnny the kind of enthusiastic, cum-hungry blowjob she hadn’t been inspired to give in years. With her peach of an ass hanging out the passenger window, Johnny stretched out her pussy, nailing her with an intensity she forgot was possible!

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Naughty Office

There’s a little problem at the office. It seems that a popular band they represent is booked to play two different shows on the same day… and the shows are countries apart. This all comes back to Lolly Ink not checking the schedule before double-booking them. She’s in a bit of trouble because of it. To get her ass out of hot water, she shows off her ass. She also shows off her dick sucking and fucking abilities to her boss. Lolly is saved once more due to her special talents.

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Don't Touch My Box

Leave it to a big move to bring up all the secrets a dude’s been hiding from his wife. Lolly Ink went a little too far, and looked inside Bill’s mystery box. What did she find? Oh, just a secret stash of dildos, harnesses, whips, and homemade photos of the kinkiest fucking you could imagine. Well, not only does Bill have a little explaining to do, but he’s going to forget the vanilla sex and show Lolly the wilder side he’s locked away all these years.

Don't Touch My Box starring Lolly Ink

What A View

The hunter was cruising around the beach looking for a hot MILF. He spotted super sexy MILF Lolly Ink sitting on the beach with her giant tits out, getting sun. He began talking to her and she told him that she needed to rub some oil all over her body and she wanted him to do it. He began rubbing the oil all over her luscious body. After some persuasion, she decided to go back to the house with the hunter. Once back at the house, he pulled those huge knockers out again. He sucked on those amazing tits and munched on her wet pussy. She sucked his cock and fucked it with her enormous jugs. She got her pussy pounded and got manjuice all over those big beautiful tits and her pretty face.

What A View starring Lolly Ink

Tarps, Tools and Titties

Lolly Ink‘s office is under renovation, and she can’t drop by without the asshole construction workers harassing her nonstop. After her boss threatens to fire them, she notices that Erik is more focused on his hammering than her tits, and decides that she not only misses his rude comments, she wants him hammering her instead!

Tarps, Tools and Titties starring Lolly Ink

Super Hole XLVII

The day has finally come. The ultimate showdown. Big-hearted, big-titted teammates Bonnie Rotten and Lolly Ink are going to win the coveted Super Hole trophy, and when they do, they’re going to show coach Keiran their appreciation if it takes every drop they’ve got.

Super Hole XLVII starring Bonnie Rotten and Lolly Ink